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Electric usage gives us the information that we need in order to build a system that is customized to your energy usage patterns. We size your solar system based on how much power you use and we dig deeper to determine if you might need more in the future based on plans that might increase consumption such as installing air conditions etc. This helps to ensure that we don’t design a system that is too small or too big.

The lifespan of a solar installation depends on the local environment and the durability of the system you purchase. A high quality solar installation can last more than 30 years.

Solar systems produce less electricity on cloudy days. Majority of homes with solar still connect to the electric grid, drawing power from the grid when needed.

Yes every State has its own Net metering regulation. And our systems are all installed as per the regulatory framework and all the Standards and codes are strictly adhered to.

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Most solar installations will require little maintenance during the life of the system, and some proactive care may help you maximize the value of your investment. For example, if you live in a dusty environment, periodic washing of the panels may help increase electricity production.

Under the "Net Metering" policy the utility allows credits to the owner for solar energy that is not consumed by the owner for a financial year.

The best solar roofs have large areas with South or Southwest exposure, little shade, and a roof in good condition.

The system can be dismantled and re-installed again in another location depending upon the load of the location. The registration with the utility will change.